Brown ticked male SBT Chausie

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Now 10 weeks old , and looking great. This boy is a stunner. A brown ticked Chausie with lovely coat texture, cool colour and good looks. He certainly meets the Chausie breed standards and could be a great show boy. Sire is the amazing Sonneblume Anubis (Black Grizzled Chausie) TICA second best Chausie 2017 and Dam is Awilddream Desert Song (Brown Ticked Chausie) TICA third best Chausie 2017

Sonneblume Anubis x Awilddream Desert Song

Kittens have arrived !

Song gave birth to 4 lovely kittens on Armistace Day. 11/11/17

A boy was born during the two minutes silence.

We have a brown ticked male, a black Grizzled male and two black Grizzled females.

We have high hopes for these stunning kittens, hoping for some show stoppers. Black Grizzled boy is on hold as is one of the females.

If you would like to reserve one of these special kittens please contact me as soon as possible.


9EBCC81A-A9A8-419D-BB65-3D2B867BBACC Brown ticked male Available 

42ECBD04-C8DE-4B6F-8A86-C5CFB90A4C34Black Grizzled male On Hold

46B40FC6-F509-435D-BFB6-DE59B9C64779Black Grizzled female On Hold

7031B5C3-E74D-4A55-989B-EA2198790EEABlack Grizzled female Available 



Litter due in November 2017

Exciting news. Anubis and Song are due a litter in November this year. No promises but the signs are good so far.

Anubis has settled in very well and is enjoying lots of fuss.

I am planning to put Tut with Sally in the next month or so with the aim of getting (hopefully) those ear tufts that come from his pixie bob ancestors.

We have a couple of extra special Bengal girls available at present. Have a look at if your interested.