Type and temperament are combined to deliver Chausie Kittens of outstanding quality. Here at Taodao Chausies UK we are focusing on producing show quality kittens. Our kittens are at least 13 weeks of age when they leave us, having been microchipped and received vaccinations against Flu and Enteritis, and a course of worm and flea control.  All our kittens are registered with TICA and you will receive a signed pedigree when you take home your kitten. All our kittens are socialised with our family and friends. We do not allow our kittens to leave early or without vaccinations. We reserve the right to delay the day of a kittens rehoming if we are not happy for the kitten to leave our care at that time.

Available / For Sale – means this kitten is available for sale on a first-come first-serve basis.

Reserved – means that someone has put down a deposit / holding fee with a view to purchase this kitten.

On hold – means that we are holding this kitten for evaluation, but feel free to enquire as it may become available.

Sold – means full amount has been paid.

Kittens are priced individually according to type, colour, and definition – please enquire for prices. We may have some “special” kittens that are held back for evaluation please ask if you are looking for a show or breeding cat.

50% Non-refundable holding fee/deposit reserves the kitten of your choice.

There is a contract on all our kittens and cats for their welfare. It is agreed that any kittens sold on the active register are not sold or given to anyone else for breeding purposes.

All kittens sold as pets must be neutered, please enquire for details.