Kittens available- Sonneblume Anubis x Awilddream Desert song (click here)

We currently have 4 kittens available for this amazing pair.

These kittens were born on

They are siblings to Taodao Peace Envoy, Taodao Poppy Fields and Taodao Charity

Kitten 1


Is a Brown Ticked male. He is a stunning boy with some pronounced Tabby markings. These tend to fade as the kittens age leaving a more uniform ticked coat.

He is available as a quality pet or show kitten for only £600 RESERVED

Kitten 2

Is a Brown Ticked female. This girl is a real beauty. she has a very nice coat with some lighter markings.

Available as a quality pet or show girl for £600

Kitten 3


Is a Black Grizzled male. This boy is a real sweety a boy with a great purrsonallity, he has a really strongly Grizzled coat, beautiful markings and he just looks great.

Available as a very special pet or show boy at £650

Kitten 4


Is a Black Grizzled female. She is stunning currently available as a show breeder.

This girl is very special indeed. her Grizzled pattern is excellent, I am sure she will do well on the show bench and ultimately produce lovely kittens too!

Available as Show/breeder for £1500 RESERVED