Litter due in November 2017

Exciting news. Anubis and Song are due a litter in November this year. No promises but the signs are good so far.

Anubis has settled in very well and is enjoying lots of fuss.

I am planning to put Tut with Sally in the next month or so with the aim of getting (hopefully) those ear tufts that come from his pixie bob ancestors.

We have a couple of extra special Bengal girls available at present. Have a look at if your interested.



After much searching, we have finally been able to source a stunning boy to add to our breeding programme. He will be joining us later this month. The 2 girls are eagerly awaiting his arrival, but his rival Tut is not looking forward to it.

Watch this space….. once all the details have been finalised, we will post pics etc.

Next weekend is the TICA regional show at Bracknell. We had intended to take Desert Song along to represent our Chausies, but unfortunately she has a neck injury following a disagreement with her sister (minor scratch) which she scratched and has removed a large patch of fur from under her chin. This is now improving  – following vets, 2 injections, honey and propolis topically. Ive tried various ways of stopping her scratching but none have worked. A head collar rubs on the wound, sleeves roll down and adhesives won’t stick.

Sally AKA Summat t tak boot, has after 9 weeks of anxious waiting produced nothing? it turns out that this was a phantom pregnancy! She is now trying very hard to mother anything that moves. Hopefully she will have settled down in a few weeks and we can try again with the new boy.


Song and orchids


Awilddream Summat t talk about (Sally) SBT Chausie

Awilddream Summat t talk about (Sally) SBT Chausie

Awilddream Sumat T Talk Aboot aka. Sally is our second Chausie girl and has the same parents as our 1st Chausie Song.

Song door

Sally is starting to gain confidence and hopefully will join her big sister on the show circuit soon. like her sister she is an outstanding example of her breed and has the loving gentle personality that I see over and over again with this breed.

sally1 sally2 sally3